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  • Welcome to “Love Cat Sitting”………….for Cats Only!
  • Your cat CAN stay Home while you are away. No boarding nightmares with the dogs barking all night and you won’t have to manage the transporting trauma, which kitties hate.
  • No having to ask friends, family and neighbors for help.
  • You will have the added security for your home, other services, communication 24/7 so we remain connected, and peace of mind for TLC.
  • I will come to your Home for a free “Meet and Greet” consultation so that we can discuss your needs and, of course, your cat’s expectations.
  • Whether it is Vacation time !…a Biz trip!!…or an unexpected need……2 days or 20+, your Feline will be happier in their own “Forever Home.”
  • When you return, they will probably be napping, surely calm, well fed, cared for and loved. I will quietly come and refresh needs to their desires as you know best. They may just ask, “Have you been gone?” All you will need to add is the love.
  • Play time?….petting? of course, or I may barely see your shy little companion. They will decide, but you can be assured of their loving care from me. I merely serve as staff.
  • Cat Care Rating: **** 4 paws up!
  • You will be glad you found Anne and I Love Cat Sitting